What the cold can do to your car

Waves of cold, winter coming … it’s time to take off the warm clothes and blankets from the closet and get ready to walk pretty warm around. And if even the human body can not cope well with temperature variations, just notice the increased frequency of hospitals at this time of year by people with complaints of respiratory problems, has it occurred to you what the cold can do to your car?Yes, these faithful believers who help us carry out our daily tasks also demand some care. To begin with, it should be noted that every car is designed (and validated) to withstand a wide range of temperatures ranging from – 40ºC (in the case of vehicles commercialized in Russia and other regions where the cold is extreme) up to about 50ºC positive . “There is no specific range of temperatures that a car must withstand established by law in Brazil. Every automaker follows its parameters, but generally as a vehicle can be sold in several markets, it needs to be able to face the most diverse climatic situations, “explains Nilton Monteiro, executive director of the Brazilian Association of Automotive Engineering (AEA).Therefore, in the structural part, both the cold and the exaggerated heat are not even harmful to the car, but it is common that some noises appear more frequently. “As some finishing pieces face constant movements of expansion and contraction, in this time of more intense cold it is common to appear some noises and chiados, adds Monteiro.

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Perhaps one of the parts of the car that most demand attention in the cold is the engine. “The greatest care people need to have, especially with the first flex-fuel cars, is the care of keeping the cold start tank always stocked with gasoline,” recommends Henrique Pereira, SAE Brazil’s engine technical committee. The engineer also makes an alert: “It’s always good to check the state of the gasoline in the small tank, especially now in the beginning of winter. As many times this fuel is not used during the summer, it stands still for a few months and can create a gum in the reservoir. So if you notice a certain difficulty when starting the car, it’s worth a review of the cold start system. “If it’s hard for us to get out of bed at this time of year, incredible as it may seem the cold can even help your car run more smoothly. “Cold air is denser, more condensed, so the engine can work better and even gain in performance. But it is something imperceptible “, details the engineer of SAE Brazil.One relevant point mentioned by the two AUTOO interviewees is caring after the car’s first departure. Nowadays you do not have to “heat up” the engine as it used to be a few years ago, but it is interesting not to accelerate too much or “stretch” the gears before the engine reaches the ideal operating temperature. “A tip I give to anyone who walks with ethanol and lives in very cold regions, is to put a little gasoline, around 10% to 20%, right in the main tank of the car,” suggests the director of the EEA. Monteiro also explains that it is necessary to respect the period of natural heating of both the engine, especially because of the oil, as of the other fluids. The AUTOO separated some tips from our respondents for your car to better stare the days when the thermometer gets the temperature down. Let’s go to them:

1 – Maintenance: Before a period of intense cold, it is always good to check the condition of the battery, which can be more requested in the first games of the car. If it is already showing signs that it needs to be changed, it is good to arrange replacement. The engineers heard in the report also recommend checking if the car is somehow unregulated. The cold will affect your operation even more car cover for ford taurus.

2 – Beware of the “little car “ : the most modern cars have much more modern cold starting systems, in which the nozzles are heated, and have bid farewell to the petrol “tanquinho”. If your car does not have this technology, it is good to see if the compartment is stocked. Experts recommend always putting added gasoline for having superior durability over ordinary gasoline. Noting frequent problems at the time of starting, it is worth doing a review on the cold start system and see if there is any clogging of the set.

3 – Do not go out “choking” the car there : especially on cold days, it is always good to rotate the first few kilometers without forcing the car too much, like abrupt accelerations. “For you to know when you can drive normally, it is only you to wait for the temperature marker on the dashboard to reach the center position or the position in which it is most of the time. Some cars, such as the Honda Fit, do not have the temperature marker, but a bright indication on the dashboard tells you when the engine is still working in the cold phase, “explains Nilton Monteiro.

4 – If possible, leave the car in an enclosed place: keeping the car in a garage, for example, helps make it less susceptible to the influence of the cold. This can help make it start more easily in the morning, for example.

5 – Check the tire calibration: it is interesting to check the tire pressure with the arrival of the most intense cold, as there may be a contraction in the tires due to changes in the weather.

6 – Wait a little before turning on the air conditioner: it is advisable to wait for the engine to reach operating temperature before operating the air conditioning system, especially if the idea is to warm the cabin. “With the engine at the ideal temperature, the air conditioning system can warm the cabin more efficiently because it depends on the hot air generated by the engine,” explains Nilton Monteiro of the EEA.
Which is the best among the cheapest cars in Brazil?

Brazilians increasingly want automatic cars. Whether it is through the tiresome traffic of large urban centers, the growing demand of the PcD (People with Disabilities) public, among other reasons, the main automakers installed in Brazil run to offer alternatives in their lines that meet this desire of the public.Today it is possible to find very competent options of automatic cars 0 km that do not go much beyond the R $ 60,000, so they are the vehicles with this type of transmission more accessible in the country.The Autoo prepared an analysis of each of them, classifying them according to what they offer in mechanical terms, cost-effectiveness and safety. It is important to note that, for editorial reasons, we only consider automotive vehicles with transmissions equipped with torque converter, CVT box, among other similar technologies.Cars with single-clutch automated systems do not offer the same level of comfort and smoothness in exchanges as a conventional automatic, plus that type of transmission usually costs well less because of the lesser complexity of the set. So it is wrong to mix automated cars with automated ones. That’s one reason Fiat models, such as the Mobi GSR and the Argo Drive 1.3 GSR, are off the list.Check out, then, how our ranking of the best purchase options among the cheapest automakers in Brazil is:

7th place – Chevrolet Onix Advantage

Noting the strong demand for more affordable cars, GM was smart and launched earlier this year a simpler and more affordable configuration for the Onix automatic. Call Advantage, the strength of this version is cost-effective. Tabelado at R $ 55,990, it has 1.4 engine, 6-speed automatic transmission and still brings air conditioning, electric steering, latches and electric windows, as well as standard radio. Economical, the Onix 1.4 automatic is able to travel up to 11.7 km / l in the city and 13.9 km / l on the road with gasoline. The model ranked last in our review as other models, as you’ll see below, deliver better performance without sacrificing both consumption and Onix still owes the traction and stability controls, not even offered as an option.

6th place – Citroën C3 Attraction 1.6 automatic 

The Citroën C3 in the automatic Attraction version also owes the traction and stability controls, but it already offers a mechanical set that is much more interesting than the Onix Advantage. The arrival of the 6-speed automatic transmission did very well to the Citroën C3, which offers an interesting performance thanks to the 1.6 16V engine. The price is much higher than the Onix Advantage, but in addition to the driving behavior more interesting, the model has digital air conditioning and central multimedia as standard.

5th place – Hyundai HB20 1.6 Comfort Plus automatic

The Hyundai HB20 was in front of the Citroën C3 for a relevant issue: despite the similar mechanical assembly (1.6 16V engine and 6-speed automatic transmission), it offers a full 5 year guarantee, which favors the model from the liquidity point of view market, lower depreciation and also reflects, albeit indirectly, the cost of ownership itself. The price quoted here, in the case R $ 60,850, refers to the Comfort Plus version with the multimedia center, a device much desired nowadays. The difference for the HB20 Comfort Plus without the device (R $ 58,950) is small compared to the amenities that the equipment offers. In addition, the Hyundai HB20 still offers a more current and better utilized passenger compartment compared to the Citroën C3.

4th place – Volkswagen Gol 1.6 automatic

Just as Chevrolet did with its Onix Advantage, Volkswagen did very well in sharing the mechanical cluster of the intermediate Polo with its entry hatch. The combination of the 1.6 16V engine and the 6-speed automatic is excellent on the Gol and much better than the already extinct I-Motion automated version. Like Chevrolet, the strength of the Auto Golis the price, in the case below $ 55,000, but it offers better dynamic behavior than the Onix Advantage. With all the options the price of Gol 1.6 automatic is at $ 59,580 considering one of three solid colors. For this value, it offers multimedia central, functional steering wheel with butterflies for sequential exchanges (something rare in the entry segment), in addition to alloy wheels rim 15 “, trip computer, trio electric, parking sensor, among others.

3rd place – Nissan March 1.6 SV CVT

With a discreet participation among the compact hatches, the Nissan March is the only model in the category that delivers an important differential: the efficient automatic CVT (continuously variable ratios) type. The box, usually found on more expensive models like the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic sedans, just to name a couple of examples, works very hard to make the most of all the engine power and torque, resulting in lower fuel consumption (it registering 14.5 km / l on the road with gasoline) and a good level of performance taking into account March’s proposal. In this configuration, the model leaves the factory with the main equipment of comfort (air-conditioning, electric direction, locks and electric windows and radio),

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